Batchelder Film Released On YouTube

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  • On May 5, 2017

Batchelder Film Released

Last year we had the distinct pleasure of being asked to film a documentary for the Pasadena Museum of History  featuring Patt Morrison, Journalist for the Los Angeles Times. 

The film, called House of the Green Rabbit: The Ernest A. Batchelder Bungalow has been released on YouTube and can be seen below in full for anyone interested. 


Batchelder was a creative genius who transformed his standard kiln into a production facility for his beautiful custom tiles. 

Ernest A. Batchelder Portrait


Batchelder was known for the incredible attention to detail on each one of his magnificent tiles, utilizing muted blues and greens quite frequently.

The Batchelder Bungalow

The house is still located in Pasadena today and contains a wide variety of original Batchelder Tiles. It is currently inhabited by Dr. Robert Winter. Former Professor at Occidental College. 

Batchelder Bungalow

A Few Production Stills

We love our production crew

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