Traveling On A Budget

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  • On March 3, 2017

So the travel bug has bitten you right?  Can’t wait to explore another land and make new memories?  Can’t wait to share incredulous stories of both laughter and mishap?  Let me guess, you are so desperate to get out of the country again that it feels like your blood is itching?  You’re ready to go again, but there’s only one thing you believe is standing in your way…money.  Yes, of course, you need it, but you can actually get around cheaper than you may realize. 

At Skycraft, we travel a lot.  So we thought we would put a little blog post together to lend some of our tips for for traveling on a budget!


You can save a significant amount of money depending on the type of accommodation you are comfortable with selecting.  Obviously rates for hotels, B&B’s, and apartments are typically on the pricey side, so consider staying in a hostel instead.  Hostels are significantly cheaper and are a great option if you’re traveling alone or small group.  They are also a great place to meet other people and exchange ideas about the area you are staying in.

European Hostel

Photo by Jeremie Cremer


One of the best things about traveling abroad is the opportunity to delight in the local cuisine.  As tempting as it may be to “eat out” for every single meal, it is unwise when traveling on a budget.  Instead consider going to a local market and buying some snacks and items to create small meals.  Use a reusable water bottle and be sure to take advantage of free, clean water.  Pick one meal per day, or every other day, that you can splurge on monetarily and calorically.

Travel food

Photo by Roman Arkhipov


When choosing a flight try to be flexible with departing and arriving dates and times.  If you don’t mind making multiple stops, you can find even better deals.  Once you have arrived at your final destination, getting to and fro can really force us out of our comfort zones.  Surprisingly, many people are actually very helpful when it comes to tourists needing some help.  For that reason (and the fact that it can be much more affordable), don’t shy away from public transportation.  Big cities typically have fantastic bus and metro services.  Smaller areas may require a taxi, but beware of overcharging.  It is always wise to ask employees of the location where you are staying what a typical taxi ride would cost from point A to point B.

Travel Transportation

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu


What kind of fun do you want to have?  Museums, tours, nights out, shows, excursions?  Do research ahead of time so you can budget what your “must-do’s” are.  If something should arise while you are there, try to seek advice from locals or other travelers to gauge whether or not it is worth the money.

Many hostels and hotels have brochures that include maps of various popular spots; and sometimes, hidden gems.

Fun Travel Ideas

Photo by Stacy Wyss


Perhaps the most important action to take when it comes to travel, is to make sure you prioritize!  What is most important to you: having that delicious local cuisine daily or a guaranteed hot shower in your own room?  Know what is most important to you so that you can make the best monetarily responsible decisions once you are traveling.  Everything cannot be a priority on a budget, so choose yours wisely!

Travel Checklist

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